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”Where new media and the Internet truly excel is in suppressing boredom. Previously, boredom was one of the few truly effective ways to politicize the population denied release valves for channeling their discontent, but this is no longer the case. In a sense, the Internet has made the entertainment experiences of those living under authoritarianism and those living in a democracy much alike. Today’s Czechs watch the same Hollywood movies as today’s Belarussians — many probably even download them from the same illegally run servers somewhere in Serbia or Ukraine. The only difference is that the Czechs already had a democratic revolution, the results of which, luckily for them, were made irreversible when the Czech Republic joined the European Union. Meanwhile, the Belarussians were not as lucky; the prospects of their democratic revolution in the age of YouTube look very grim.”

Evegeny Morozov: The Net Delusion. How Not to Liberate the World.

(Morozov on taustaltaan valkovenäläinen, mutta vaikuttaa Yhdysvalloissa, Stanfordin yliopistossa)

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