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”Why did the critique of consumer society lead so quickly to the triumph of consumerism in the 1960s? Because the slogans shouted in those days — ’We want everything right now!’, ’Death to boredom!’, ’Live constantly and enjoy without inhibitions!’ — applied less to the domain of love and life than to that of merchandise. People thought they were subverting the established order, but in fact they were, with the best of intentions, favoring the propagation of universal commercialism. It is the domain of hunger and thirst that everything must be immediately available, whereas the heart and desire have their own rhythms, their intermittencies. The intention was to produce freedom, but the result was advertising: what was liberated was less our libido than our appetite for unlimited shopping, our ability to lay our hands on all goods without restriction.”

Pascal Bruckner: Perpetual Euforia. On the Duty to Be Happy.

Kommentit (3)
  1. Eljas Verve
    25.2.2011, 00:16

    Niin totta joka sana, niin samansuuntaista kuin olen joskus itse noista ajoista pohtinut…

  2. Gabriela Von Bohlen
    28.2.2011, 13:54

    Oletko lukenut teoksen Affluenza? Siinä käsitellään kiinnostavasti näitä asioita.


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