Avainsana: Russia

European Security Order Has Passed the Era of “Permanent Neutrality”

Guest article by Henri Vanhanen. March 2, 2017. An institutional approach on a new European security architecture oversimplifies a complex problem and brings about untenable compromises that only Russia stands to gain from. Dealing with…

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An Absurd Signal: Pokémon Confirms Russia’s War Footing

Yesterday, on June 18, The Finnish Broadcasting Corporation Yle reported that the hit game Pokémon GO had received harsh criticism in Russia, with statements against the game given by members of the Russian parliament, the…

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Without Allies or When Russia Alone Liberated Europe

Introduction On May 9th Russia celebrated the 71st anniversary of victory over the Nazis in the Great Patriotic War. The Victory Day parade equipment lacked the white hubcaps and red stars of days past. Prominent…

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